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How Clients see us:

Safety is a “way of life” and the “way MB does business”
Customer focused: Partner of Choice.
MB People are “proud” that we are MB men and women.
For MB people to be seen as "the best” at what we do.

Safety and the right people

Health, safety and concern for the environment: For MB men and women, the commitment to HSE is a “way of life” and the “way we do business”.

We recognize that our industry’s expectations are changing fast and that we must change to meet and exceed those expectations
We never let a training opportunity pass us by.

Each of us “being a role model” : Do it right, ensure others do it right (even the client).
  Grow Ourselves: Grow others.

Be wary of the dinosaurs among us: Some around us do not understand that the safe way is the only way!


MB equipment : The best maintained equipment + minimal down time.
MB’s maintenance systems : Helping its people to look after our equipment.
$$$: Capital is always available for safe, sensible, long term equipment ideas.


We believe that safe, highly efficient performance delivers to our clients “best value well site services”.
Safe and efficient out comes for clients = Strong long term client relationships.
Seeking and delivering continuous improvement.


Consistently delivering safe, high performance and profitable outcomes means having, using and growing:

The best safety systems.
The best training systems.
The best preventive maintenance systems.
The best performance monitoring systems.


About MB Petroleum Services

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