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During 2007, subsidiary companies MB Holding continued to support social and sustainable development projects in the areas of its operations including the employment of Omanis and nationals of the country in which they operate. The group continued to work closely within the oil and gas industry in developing the local community of there they operate. A substantial amount of expenditure continues to be made by MB Petroleum services and Petrogas in this area. The National Mining Environment Protection and Conservation Management initiated in the design and construction of tailings and water management was introduced in 2007. In addition, a Community Management Plan was also developed, which ensured that all stakeholders and the community which may be negatively affected by the impact of mining activities were identified and mitigation plans developed to address key issues. In general, the amount of funds earmarked for projects varied in each subsidiary company of the group. 

This was divided in terms of specific planned projects such as construction of a mosque and facilities for inhabitants, a “Majlis” and shops which when rented support the running and maintenance costs of such facilities to enable sustainability. Some of the funds utilized included contribution to specific local requests for donation in terms of material or money or work. These ranged from Zakat contribution to help poor and needy people to offer scholarships to students at Buraimi College. Similarly, funds were embarked for training ladies in computers, tailoring and beautician as well as for purchasing lap tops for excellent students, providing food boxes during Ramadhan and in sponsorship of seminars in the history of Shinas. An exception in 2007 was the contribution to Cyclone Guno cleanup exercise where volunteer relief teams of staff from the group’s subsidiary companies were formed to manage the after effects of Cyclone Guno in June 2007. Substantial contribution was made in alleviating the damages caused by that cyclone through provision of water to the community, giving staff leave of absence to assist their families affected, provision of pump and tankers to remove stagnant water and in a major exercise in cleaning up of Azaiba beach jointly with the municipality.



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