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Using our in-house customized innovative technology the Live Intervention Platform for Dual Head Wells with Beam Pumps and following a successful trial done on Qaharir 32 last year, we are currently providing a real production logging (PLT) for PDO on Thuleilat-83. In PDO’s history (and presumably the rest of the world’s), never before managed to safely perform logging while producing from a beam (sucker rod) pump. The advantages of PLT as far as reservoir management and production/injection optimizations go are countless especially in these oil prices. It is impressive to see that following the trial success, PDO continued installing dual-head wellheads.

Key Projects of New Technology and Production Solutions (NTPS)

The New Technology and Production Solutions (NTPS) department is a new technologies pioneer and customized production solutions inventor. Five innovative technologies second to none are being developed this year.

1. Live Well Intervention Platform
Dual completions provide beam pumps with a step change in surveillance and effective reservoir management. Platform indigenously designed, developed and fabricated by NTPS allows CTU / Wireline entries through tubing in dual completions, while the well is produced through other tubing. Many activities are made possible without WPH intervention such as production logging, stimulation, C/O fills, pressure surveys, through tubing perforations and through tubing water shut off. Platform allows better understanding of flow distribution, lower risk of water shut off / stimulation and improved and accelerated recovery by targeting re-completion.

Currently Platform is on contract in PDO operations.

2. Downhole Tool for Curing Lost Circulation
Partial / full lost circulation is a common problem in oil field drilling / work over operations. One common method to cure lost circulation is to make 2 components gel upon contact. This method is generally not successful because components fail to see each other or see each other in a suboptimal place in the lost circulation zone.

The indigenously developed and patented downhole tool allows 2 components to see each other in the lost circulation zone and gel up. Need be cement can be pumped through inner / outer string to enhance chances of stopping the losses.

Depending upon severity and nature of losses, chemical fluid systems can be selected.

Currently the tool is being field tested as a part of PDO New Technology trials.

3. Radial Jet Enhancement Technology
This is a patented technology and NTPS has tied in with Well Enhancement Services to bring the technology to Oman. Hydraulic power is used in conjunction with jetting hose and deflecting shoe to make one inch diameter 300 feet long holes in different directions and at different depth. The process is fast, economical and can make old wells economically viable. The technology is planned to be field tested in Oman QIII, 2006.

4. Intelligent Self Optimizing Gas Lift Package
This package allows production maximization without human intervention. Changes in reservoir conditions are drivers; hence gas lift performance is always within best efficient point in the design curve. No gas wastage, real time data availability in the office, total guidance to operator, minimal manpower and prioritizing nearby wells to be closed if shortage of gas prevails.

This technology will be field tested QIII, 2006.

5. Intelligent Self Optimizing Beam Pump
This package is very similar to gas lift package. The only difference is that variable speed of the beam pump motor is fed into the performance optimization loop.

This technology will be field tested at the end of 2006.

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