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MB Petroleum truly provides a "One-Stop-Shop" for oilfield services and only a few companies in the Middle East can match the resources and range of expertise that MB Petroleum is able to offer.

The core business of MB Petroleum is in drilling and workover services; well testing; drilling fluids engineering; mud logging; wireline services; coiled tubing, nitrogen & pumping services; and completions & cementing services. By being a multi-services provider, MB Petroleum is uniquely placed along the oilfield services value chain through its in-house capabilities. Depending on the client?s requirements, MB Petroleum can provide services on stand-alone basis or as an integrated package, taking full responsibility of the field throughout its life cycle.

To ensure the integrity of our equipment and to support our oilfield operations and maintain the quality of our assets, MB Petroleum has invested in establishing large workshops, attached to its operations in Oman, Germany and Hungary. Full logistics and operational support, including rig moving, transport of company-supplied materials, preparation of well programs, materials utilization lists, and support for well entry proposals are provided.


About MB Petroleum Services

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