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As an extension of MB Drilling Fluids (MBDF), MB Petroleum also provides mud logging services. MB Petroleum has worked closely with Petron in the USA in developing mud logging equipment. MB Mud Logging provides clients with real time drilling information that is useful with drilling exploration wells where decision making is essential to save costs.

Geological Functions
Services provided include geological and formation evaluation based on continuous cuttings description, fluorescence testing and analysis of Chromatograph and Total Gas readings. Monitoring of the drilling operation, detection and reaction to any critical changes in drilling parameters, thus facilitating early recognition of potential problems. Data acquisition, display, storage and processing information is instantly duplicated at the Driller's monitor on the rig floor and in the Toolpusher's or the company representative's office. A comprehensive software library of programs that yield information on formation pore pressure, fracture gradients and hydraulics, providing further technical assistance. A record of bit usage and cost is made with the compilation of a final well report.

Surface Data Measurement
Measurement and data recording include depth, bit location, rate of penetration, hookload, weight on bit, RPM, rotary torque, pump pressure, casing pressure, pump-strokes, pit volumes, flow rate, mud weight and mud temperature. Options include mud conductivity, pH and electromagnetic flow meter readings.

Gas Analysis
Gases are separated from the mud by a specially designed constant flow extractor placed at the shale shaker. The gas/air mixture is analyzed by TCD-based Field Chromatograph or Total Gas equipment and more complex FID-based analyzers.

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