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Introduced in 1992, the Workover and Well Services division of MB Petroleum has built up a reputation as a leading Well intervention Contractor in the Middle East. The company’s impressive growth in Workover and Well Servicing truly demonstrates its capabilities as well as dedication to customer satisfaction.

As a recognized Lead Contractor for oil well maintenance services, particularly for the provision of integrated packages; the department continues to spearhead increasingly demanding and technically challenging client operations. Services include both standard and complex well maintenance activities, ranging from beam pump replacements on artificially lifted wells, to multi zone isolations and re-completions in both vertical and horizontal well bores.

The Workover and Well Services department has carried out over twelve thousand Well Entries in the Middle East region and has expanded its workover client base, through both short term and long term contracts with multinational oil companies and regional NOCs. The department has shown its ability to retain existing clients through repeated contracts in Oman and excessive of 75% shares in Germany secured several prestigious contracts, while continuing to expand its customer base through new, sometimes novel, contract concepts. The Group's present Workover and Well Services operations have provided a solid foundation to foster additional expansion in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.


  • Carried out over twelve thousand hoist well entries since 1992.

  • 50 workover rigs as on date at group level supported by oilfield workshops and comprehensive transportation and maintenance facilities.

  • Secured several prestigious contracts besides having long-term value added Workover and Well Services contracts with major clients.

  • Full logistics support, including rig moving, transport of company-supplied materials.

  • Operational support, including preparation of well programs, materials utilization lists, support for well entry proposals.


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